Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Model Kits of the Week: SeaQuest DSV (1993)


  1. Anonymous2:45 PM

    The SeaQuest models were all good, although they did not produce a SeaLaunch kit which was the SeaQuest's onboard shuttles. SeaQuest DSV/2032 1993-1996 series was basically Steven Spielberg's remake/reboot of Irwin Allen's Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea 1964-1968 series. The SeaLaunch was their version of the Flying Sub without the ability to fly or any of the design.


  2. The more I watch of ST:TNG, the more I realize SeaQuest was more directly inspired by that.

    Though, I'm definitely going to have to see 'Voyage' now.

    Years later, I still don't understand why SQ didn't catch on. It's such a good show and I absolutely love the vehicle design.


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