Saturday, September 18, 2010

Once More with Feeling: Cult TV Jammin'


  1. Nice collection,man! But I see one omission: the Xena musical episode "The Bitter Suite."

  2. That's Bernie Taupin trying to get into the castle at the end of Hell of It!

  3. Oh dear Lord, Biter can just see Nichelle Nichols fighting uncontrollable laughter....please Nimoy, never do that to anyone ever again!
    Yeah, Brother...sigh, alien hippies with half a hard boiled egg on their lapels watch as their leader plays Battleship on the wall.
    Wasn't this the episode of Space:1999 where they all dropped acid to study the affects of hallucinogens in zero gravity? Thought so. I wonder what kind of plant that is on the center of the table...hmmmmmm....
    Warning, this music may induce hurricane like conditions.
    You know, Paul Williams looks the same in and out of his Planet of the Apes that good or bad? Oh look, the Red Death just showed know what an affect he has on party goers.
    This video is proof that teletubbies will still rock in the 25th century!!! Rock on Tinky Winky, rock on!!
    This moment in musical history has been brought to you by the Vampire Slayer Corp. and viewers like you!
    Dreaded Dreams
    Petunia Scareum

  4. Great comments, everybody!

    Theron: I need to watch more Xena, and I admit, I am not as familiar with it as I should be. Any good episodes to "get me in" or should I just start from the beginning?

    Peter: Hah! Seriously?

    Trick or Treat Pete: Thank you for that moment in Cult TV music history. I never made the Andromeda/Teletubbies connection until now...but now it's stuck in my head forever!

    Best to all and thank you for writing.


  5. Well, if you know the basic setup, you're good to go. Xena wanders the earth with her sidekick, righting wrongs to atone for her dark past. Some episodes are serious, some are funny. And, yes, some are musical.

    The first few episodes, as with any new series, are a tad shaky while the actors discover the characters, and the writers and producers shape the show. But midway through season one, it finds its feet.