Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Future is Fantastic

Some good news here for long-time admirers of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's mid-1970s space epic, Space:1999!

Powys Media
is releasing a number of new, original Space:1999 novels, anthologies and even an audio-book throughout 2010.

Back in 2003, I authored the original novel, Space:1999: The Forsaken (now sold-out and out of print, alas...), but more recently, I also penned a short story called "The Touch of Venus" for the upcoming Shepherd Moon.

The short story anthology also features works by authors E.C. Tubb, Brian Ball, William Latham, Michael A. Faries, Stephen Jansen, and Emma Thomas.

Check out Powys Media's web site to see the other series titles being released this year, including the Maya story Born for Adversity by David A. McIntee -- with a foreword by actress Catherine Schell -- and the Resurrection audio book narrated by the late, great Barry Morse.


  1. Brian5:27 PM

    Out of print? Drat! I've been meaning to ask you about The Forsaken and other Powys titles, but I guess I missed the boat. :-(

  2. Brian: You can still get The Forsaken used at Amazon, I think. (Only I won't get any royalties. D'oh!)


  3. Er, scratch that: The used copies cost 103 dollars! Yikes!


  4. Anonymous10:34 AM

    All is not lost. Who North America still has new copies available at 15.50 USD.

    They're a great company to do business with, as my Eagle fleet can attest! Off to the POWYS website. I'll admit I haven't checked in there for months.

  5. Any chance The Forsaken might be reprinted or issued as an ebook?