Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sy Fy Portal Returns To The House Between

Sy Fy Portal founder and editor-in-chief Michael Hinman announces the return of our low-budget, independent web series, The House Between, today at the popular sci-fi web site.

Here's a snippet:

"John Kenneth Muir has returned for new episodes of his popular series "The House Between," the independently produced online series that begins its third season with the episode "Devoured."

The newest installment, the 16th in the series, continues the story of five strangers trapped in a Victorian house with no furniture and no escape, surrounded by dark matter. It stars Kim Breeding, Jim Blanton, Craig Eckrich, Lee Hansen, Tony Mercer and Alicia A. Wood.

The latest episode is dedicated to the memory of "Space: 1999" script editor Johnny Byrne, a friend of Muir who died just as planning for Season 3 was getting under way."

Meanwhile, Fantasmo Cult Explosion, blogged by THB resident Jim Blanton (Arlo) also has some thoughts on the advent of this year's batch of episodes:

"It was a labor of love for all involved, and it’s a little bittersweet as this marks the final run of the series. For those following it so far, I think you’ll really enjoy the third round. It’s easily the best yet. If you’re new to the show you can catch all the old episodes and the new at several locations. The easiest place to look though is The House Between official site at:"

Quantum Imprimaturs, the series fan page, offers up a review of the first episode, "Devoured," here:

"The story itself is typical The House Between zaniness in the ways it is both weird and coherent. As always I love how the show blends scientific and magical ideas, though the emphasis on this time was mostly magical."

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  1. Anonymous1:05 AM

    I had always been hopeful that more episode reviews would materialize at SyFy Portal. JKM, what are your thoughts on the possibility, now that it appears Marx Pyle is no longer a columnist at SyFy Portal but has moved onward and upward?


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