Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Hey everybody, Happy Holidays from the Muirs!

I hope all you fine readers have a safe and happy holiday filled with laughter, love, good food, good fellowship...and good horror movies. (I recommend Eyes Wide Shut for holiday themed horror viewing by the way: just the thing to mitigate all the joy of the season; a meditation on marital alienation, fantasies of infidelity and creepy orgies, starring Tom Cruise, no less).

No, but seriously -- however you decide to spend it -- enjoy the season!

This is two-year old Joel's first "real" Christmas, the first one in which he understands what the heck is happening and can tell us what he thinks of it.

Yesterday, he helped one of our cats, Lila, pull the golden garland off the Christmas tree so she could eat it. There are now chunks of regurgitated garland all over the carpets...

When we ask Joel what Santa Claus is bringing him for Christmas, he replies "everything."

I hope Santa doesn't let him down. It's hard to fit "everything" under a tree...

Hope Santa doesn't let any of you down, either.

Now Kathryn says I have to stop blogging and be with the family. :)

Happy Holidays,


  1. And a heartfelt Bah humbug to you, sweetheart! :-)

  2. joey_bishop_jr.1:25 AM

    Same to you guys- is Joel allowed to open his toys, or is dad storing them away for blogs in the 2030's? ;)

  3. Joey B. Jr:

    Ha! That made me laugh, though it's a fair question. :)

    Yes, Joel is allowed to open his toys. This year's big thing: Wall-E and EVE.