Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Hey guys, dig this!

I found this clip on YouTube and simply couldn't resist it. Now, please - I implore you - watch the whole video. It takes a while to get good. And then it gets REALLY good. I'm posting this for my friend and DP, Rick Coulter, because I know he will appreciate it.


  1. Joey_Bishop_Jr.10:18 AM

    You know John, I never remembered Henry Silva looking quite like that...and I'm not quite sure how I feel about you changing from posting articles about Star Trek Colorforms to posting random videos featuring hot,nubile space girls in silver bikinis writhing about. Because really, would I rather learn about the Ernest Borgnine action figure from the Black Hole, or watch Pamela Hensley's scantily clad form giving me a come hither look while she.........umm, yeah. Do what you gotta do, John!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous2:16 PM

    It looks like Will-Buck traveled 500 years into the future and still couldn’t escape having to re-live the women’s fashion of the late 1970’s and the blue eye shadow of the 1980’s.

    So I imagine this is the stuff of your prepubescent socialization – it all makes sense to me now. – If only the director had a clearer vision to forecast stripper poles.


  3. Howard Margolin3:37 PM

    I have always loved that theme song in its original version. It's the reason that the Buck Rogers soundtrack was one of the few LPs I paid full price for back when I was a teenager. Obviously, they were thinking about updating Buck Rogers a la James Bond. A shame Erin never really got to express her sexuality that much in either the movie or the TV series.
    It is a bit jarring, after seeing the two women as they correspond to their credits on screen to suddenly see more women as the male actors names show up, but I'm glad they decided to replace scantily-clad pictures of Tim O'Connor and Henry Silva with these space-age beauties, though.

  4. Anonymous7:37 AM

    I most certainly do NOT remember these scenes! Was I asleep? Did my pre-pubescent male self simply not register these? Good Lord...

  5. Ah, the necessary Sci-fi babes! I don't get it! Personally I much prefer him over here------>
    But then I remembered the guys might like a different kind of eye-candy (I dunno, the girls in minis perhaps?) hence why I dedicated a few posts to them Fantastic Journey babes. (And yes, there's photos!) More to come...