Monday, April 30, 2007

GameCulture Journal Issue # 3

Hey everybody, the third issue of this new academic journal covering the history and milieu of the video game has just been published. GameCulture Journal # 3 is now available for download at this link, and it's terrific.

Included in Issue # 3, which deals explicitly with the science of the video game, are a number of fascinating pieces. Co-editor Kevin Flanagan has written "Scared of Science: Mad Rationality in the Video Game," and co-editor Bobby Schweizer gives us "Better Games Through Science? How a Fluff Piece in Nintendo Power Magazine is Detrimental to the Game Culture and Nintendo's Wii Ad Campaign."

Finally, two chaps named "Muir" have pieces included here. Christopher Muir (no relation...) offers "Representations of Soft Science in SimCity and SimAnt," and hey, I've got an article here too! Mine concerns the social response to the Atari VCS in the early 1980s, and is called "Culture Wars Episode One: The Atari Menace."

Check it out!

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