Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Catnap # 3

This is my kitten Lily. She's about four months old. We just adopted her about a month ago after visiting our vet in Mint Hill. Lily was rescued in a Food Lion parking lot after her tail was caught and mangled in the fan belt of a truck. Her tail was amputated before we adopted her, and she is now doing fine. I've nicknamed her Black Lightning because she bounces around the house at warp speed except on those rare occasions - as pictured in this photo - when she catches a nap.


  1. Wow! We inherited a rescued kitten from similar circumstances last year, and she also lost her tail. Her name is Possum, because she was almost mistaken for one as she and her two sibs lay on the road that night(they didn't make it).

    Lily may carry weird behavior from her violent beginning. Lord knows Possum is uniquely twisted.

  2. Apparently I can't post a picture here in the comment thread, but there's a pic of the Possum in all her glory from last Xmas (when she was about 4 months old) right here.

  3. Hey, Possum is beautiful!!! What a sweet Kitty. Nice to know a fellow "rescuer." It makes you feel good, doesn't it? Especially when you see how these cats respond to the love. Lily is here with me right now, batting at the windows opening on the computer screen. That probably qualifies as odd behavior. She's very fast and very sweet, and squeaks a lot.